Happy first birthday, hathix.com! The year in review

Cute elephant in box with birthday cake and hat
Blow out those candles, cause hathix.com is turning 1 year old!

Can you believe it? hathix.com is turning 1 year old- yup, it was registered exactly a year ago today… ah, fond memories! In just a year, hathix.com has gone from just a thought in my head to a full-fledged (and hopefully good) website.

You know, it’s hard for me to imagine life before I had hathix – but that was just a year ago. My parents say they felt the same; it’s hard for them to imagine life before kids. Anyway.

hathix 3.0 “Cake” – a new look, just in time

hathix.com’s first birthday is tomorrow, so to celebrate I’ve gotten it a gift – a whole new look! hathix 3.0, codename Cake, retains the color scheme of the old version (appropriately named hathix 2.1 “Dewdrop”) but sports an airy new look that’s clean and elegant. Take a look (or try it out):

Follow the 2012 elections with the Google Politics election tracker

tl;dr -check out Google’s awesome political election tracker

I’m a political junkie, so I’m following this year’s Republican primary process with the fervor with which I, also a baseball fanatic, follow baseball – which is to say, very much. And the main things in election season to watch out for are the elections themselves – in this year’s case, each state’s primary in which the Republican candidates compete.

These elections are awesome, but to fully enjoy them I need stats. I need results. I need data. I need cool graphs. I need a great political tracker. So look what I found:

Google Politics Colorado Primary Result
Google Politics election tracker showing the results of the Colorado caucus (google.com/elections)