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5 awesome Android apps to send you ba...

5 awesome Android apps to send you back to school
Don’t be Spongebob. Use technology to make your school year awesome. Another school year, another series of 180 (give or take) slightly sleep-deprived, overly-stressed days. It might make you look a bit like that yellow sponge guy over there. Hold on! I’m here to help. All you need is this newfangled doohickey called a smartphone. [...]

Watch videos and play music with VLC

Watch videos and play music with VLC
This is a review of VLC, a free multimedia player for movies and music. Download it here. Happy holidays! To go along with that DVD of your favorite movie, that CD of your favorite band, and that ugly sweater from your favorite aunt, here’s a present of a program: VLC! VLC is a free, open-source multimedia program for any operating syst [...]

Learn Computer Science with Khan Acad...

Learn Computer Science with Khan Academy
The young man had finished his arduous training period of ten years. The grizzled old man next to him, his tutor, had devoted himself to teaching his pupil the arcane art, an art known only to a select few. Ten years of intense physical labor, deep within the mysterious dungeons and high atop the silver mountains, had finally prepared the bat [...]

Sorry for downtime – also, prop...

Sorry for downtime – also, props to WebHostingHub
Error 404, elephant not found tl;dr – had some downtime but my super-helpful host WebHostingHub cleared it up immediately. Also, I apologize for the fanboyishness – it’s just that WHH is that awesome. I was recently working with some so-called cutting-edge web programming techniques (parsing JSON using PHP from cl [...]

Chrome OS: all web, all the time

Chrome OS: all web, all the time
As you might have noticed, the guys at Google have released (well, not released, they’ve just publicly shown it for the first time; Chromebooks are coming out on June 15) Chromebooks, which are netbooks that run the Chrome OS. Chrome OS (official site) More about the actual computers later; the interesting part about the computer is its [...]


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