Playing Angry Birds 1-1

Can’t get enough Angry Birds? Play it online

Playing Angry Birds 1-1
A red bird crashing into a structure, killing a pig in the process

If your phone’s battery keeps dying on you because you spend all your time playing the wildly popular mobile game Angry Birds (or if you’re too cheap to buy Angry Birds), you should be pretty excited about this latest development.

You can now play Angry Birds online here. Here’s what you need:

  1. A decent browser (more on that later)
  2. Adobe Flash (sorry, iDevice users)

As the URL ( might hint, Angry Birds works best in Chrome. I’ve tried it on several browsers and here’s what I’ve found:

  • Chrome 13: works fine.
  • Internet Explorer 9: works very well, but it’s not as smooth as Chrome.
  • Safari 5: works well but it’s a bit laggy.
  • Firefox 4: works fine, except you can’t zoom.
  • Opera 11: very laggy.
  • Internet Explorer 8: you’re kidding, right?

I haven’t tested Angry Birds on any mobile browsers (specifically Android), but with Android you might as well download the app anyway.

If you’re wondering, the Angry Birds web app uses HTML5, the latest web technology that many think will displace Flash as the language for web games and interactive content. It uses Flash for sound since HTML5 can’t do sound well.

That’s all for now. By the way, don’t blame me if you get addicted.

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