hathix 3.0 “Cake” – a new look, just in time

hathix.com’s first birthday is tomorrow, so to celebrate I’ve gotten it a gift – a whole new look! hathix 3.0, codename Cake, retains the color scheme of the old version (appropriately named hathix 2.1 “Dewdrop”) but sports an airy new look that’s clean and elegant. Take a look (or try it out):

hathix.com's redesign for its birthday
hathix.com 3.0 "Cake" has an airy, smooth, and elegant look.

Yummy, isn’t it? I removed the ugly and cramped black bar (which had some pretty ugly fonts of its own) and replaced it with a nice big header so that the mascot and title can really shine. The nav bar was replaced with some really nice transparent linksThen I removed the sidebar and redid the main content so it’s borderless but has some nice rounded edges and a slight transparency to go with the glossy background. I found some awesome new fonts as well. And, of course, the content is revamped (no more meaningless links, there’s a whole portfolio now!)

For reference, here’s hathix 2.1 “Dewdrop”:

the old hathix 2.1
The old hathix 2.1 "Dewdrop"

I mean, it was great in its own right, but I think this new version is a MASSIVE improvement. I mean, hathix 2.1 really didn’t look professional or well-done – it was eternally half-baked. Now I’ve started paying the elephant a bit more attention, and, well, I think it’s paid dividends.

Get ready for the big yearly recap coming tomorrow!


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