Set of terribly drawn cute cartoon animals

A cute pig that is poorly drawn and drawn by a child.
That's a Neel original. It's valued in the range of tens of cents.

tl;drdownload the set of terribly drawn cute cartoon animals
A freely-downloadable download button.

Remember those awesomely drawn cute cartoon animals I posted about earlier? As it turns out, my poorly drawn cow was almost as popular as those cute and well-drawn animals. If you’re one of those people who liked to laugh at my poorly drawn cow, you’re in luck – there are plenty more where that came from, and they’re all right here.

These cute and funny cartoon animals are normally hugely expensive – they’re worth up to tens of cents! But call now and you’ll get them all, absolutely free to download!

Introducing the Poorly Drawn Cartoon Animals (drumroll)

If you think a child drew these, you’re dead wrong. If you think a terrible artist drew these, you’re dead right. They’re badly-drawn but, by extension, very funny! Right-click on an animal to copy it or save it. If you want them all, jump below.

An elephant drawn by a childA child's drawing of a cute cow

A cute pig that is poorly drawn and drawn by a child.





A penguin that was drawn with Paint by a bad drawer.A child's drawing of a goat (una cabra).

Funny and badly-drawn turkey




Download the free set of terribly drawn cartoon animals

That’s right! You can get the set of cute but badly-drawn cartoon animals absolutely free! They’re available in .zip form (instructions on how to unzip). Just click on the button:

A freely-downloadable "Download" button.


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