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How to make a website, part 1

How to make a website, part 1
I don’t know if you’ve heard of it, but there’s this thing called the internet that people these days tend to use a lot. As I’ve said before, it’s extremely important nowadays to now how to develop for the web. So what better way to learn and practice web development skills, all while making a name for yourself o [...]

Why care about web development?

Why care about web development?
Say you want to write about how awesome your pet toaster is and publish it for everyone to see. Say you want to make an app where users can interact with their own virtual pet toasters. Say you want to start selling pet toasters online once you’ve convinced everyone how awesome they are. In this case, I’d probably be a bit concern [...]

Making some new Android version names

Making some new Android version names
From Cupcake to Jelly Bean, Android’s gotten cuter every version. Android, the open source operating system for phones/tablets, has become really well known for their incredibly cute version nicknames – each version is named after a dessert, and they go alphabetically. So far they’ve had Cupcake, Donut, Eclair, Froyo, Ginger [...]

5 awesome Android apps to send you ba...

5 awesome Android apps to send you back to school
Don’t be Spongebob. Use technology to make your school year awesome. Another school year, another series of 180 (give or take) slightly sleep-deprived, overly-stressed days. It might make you look a bit like that yellow sponge guy over there. Hold on! I’m here to help. All you need is this newfangled doohickey called a smartphone. [...]

May the source be with you: an intro ...

A collection of 2013 open source software: Android, Firefox, Chrome, Wordpress, Linux, Reddit, VLC
Open source software: anyone can edit it and make it even more awesome. Here’s a rundown of why. Open source software. Sounds like another tech buzzword like agile development, MVC frameworks, waterfall models, and so on. But really, it’s much more cool than all of those. Simply put, open source software is software that anyone ca [...]


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