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Posts in category news’s second birthday &#...’s second birthday & year in review
That’s one lucky elephant. is finishing up its 2nd year of existence. As has become tradition, I’m making a blog post highlighting everything I’ve done in the last year and taking a look at what’s in store for next year. Check out last year’s recap – the first ever – and follow me into some [...]

‘Tis the season… to not v...

‘Tis the season… to not visit websites
Here’s an interesting tidbit from the life of a web developer. You’d think that people would go on the internet with that shiny new phone/tablet/toaster they got for the holiday season. Apparently, no one does that. Here’s a look at my latest hits (not the band type, I mean the number of visitors to As the festi [...]

Sorry for downtime – also, prop...

Sorry for downtime – also, props to WebHostingHub
Error 404, elephant not found tl;dr – had some downtime but my super-helpful host WebHostingHub cleared it up immediately. Also, I apologize for the fanboyishness – it’s just that WHH is that awesome. I was recently working with some so-called cutting-edge web programming techniques (parsing JSON using PHP from cl [...]

Introducing Sprinkle Safari, a web ad...

Introducing Sprinkle Safari, a web adventure game
The logo for Sprinkle Safari, the awesome web game finally released to the public. I’ve got a dirty little secret. Well, not so dirty, really, more… creamy. Sugary. Frosty. Sprinkle-y. Here it is: for the last year and more(computer searching reveals since January 29, 2011 – even before was founded), I’ve be [...]

Cabra wins the PA High School Compute...

Cabra wins the PA High School Computer Fair
Bleat with confidence, kid. Shameless advertisement: Download Cabra, the newly award-winning flashcard program! Cabra, my surprisingly useful flashcard program, has a new feather in its cap. It’s now also an award-winning flashcard program. I’m not kid-ding (sorry about the goat pun.) This March I shared Cabra at my regional compu [...]


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