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BREAKING: Tech giants unveil smart to...

BREAKING: Tech giants unveil smart toaster
Apple, Microsoft, and Google are unveiling plans for smart toasters. Get ready – this is huge. SOMEWHERE IN CALIFORNIA — In a stunning series of revelations that turned the tech world on its head, a trio of tech giants announced plans for a smart toaster. Apple, Microsoft, and Google held launch parties this weekend for a series o [...]

Follow the 2012 elections with the Go...

Follow the 2012 elections with the Google Politics election tracker
tl;dr -check out Google’s awesome political election tracker I’m a political junkie, so I’m following this year’s Republican primary process with the fervor with which I, also a baseball fanatic, follow baseball – which is to say, very much. And the main things in election season to watch out for are the election [...]

Chrome OS: all web, all the time

Chrome OS: all web, all the time
As you might have noticed, the guys at Google have released (well, not released, they’ve just publicly shown it for the first time; Chromebooks are coming out on June 15) Chromebooks, which are netbooks that run the Chrome OS. Chrome OS (official site) More about the actual computers later; the interesting part about the computer is its [...]

Bing: the little engine that… c...

Bing: the little engine that… couldn’t?
If you’ve bought an electronic device in the last year, you’ll notice that Microsoft is hawking its search engine Bing more than I hawk my products. (On a totally unrelated note, download Cabra, my free and open-source flashcard program.) That’s all well and good, since you’re allowed to advertise, but Microsoft really [...]

DuckDuckGo – the best thing sin...

DuckDuckGo – the best thing since Google
I was looking on my analytics page (tracking visitors to the site) and noticed someone came to hathix through DuckDuckGo. Being bored, I looked up DuckDuckGo and I was impressed automatically. It’s a great search engine. Here’s why. Zero-click info DuckDuckGo’s got this great feature that lets you see some quick background [...]


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