Seeing “Friday” in a different light

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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last month, you’ve probably heard of (and had the misfortune of listening to) Rebecca Black’s Friday. You know, that song with the 13-year-olds driving cars and the nasally teenager wondering where to sit? That one.

After a shocking experience (more about that later), I’ve had to start questioning why I (and pretty much everyone I know) hate the song. Breaking it down:

  • The lyrics are junk, but most pop songs have meaningless lyrics anyway.
  • The tune’s pretty catchy, no faults there.
  • Rebecca sings right through her nose but she’s not that bad a singer.
  • The music video is horrible, but even without it people hate the song.

I’m guessing it’s a mixture of the video/singing/lyrics that makes people hate Friday, but really, there are far worse songs out there. It’s a bad song, but it doesn’t deserve 2.3 million dislikes, that’s for sure.

I know, it’s surprising to see someone who doesn’t hate Friday. But here’s the shocking experience I was talking about. It’s an amazing cover of Friday that makes it sound really good. Watch it. For reference, watch the original.

The guys who covered Friday are awesome; they’re a band called The Abrams Brothers (see their YouTube page) who have done some great covers in the past.

Now do you see Friday differently?

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