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Introducing Sprinkle Safari, a web ad...

Introducing Sprinkle Safari, a web adventure game
The logo for Sprinkle Safari, the awesome web game finally released to the public. I’ve got a dirty little secret. Well, not so dirty, really, more… creamy. Sugary. Frosty. Sprinkle-y. Here it is: for the last year and more(computer searching reveals since January 29, 2011 – even before was founded), I’ve be [...]

Can’t get enough Angry Birds? P...

Playing Angry Birds 1-1
A red bird crashing into a structure, killing a pig in the process If your phone’s battery keeps dying on you because you spend all your time playing the wildly popular mobile game Angry Birds (or if you’re too cheap to buy Angry Birds), you should be pretty excited about this latest development. You can now play Angry Birds onlin [...]

Firefox’s new release strategy

The new logos for the Firefox flavors
Back in the day (and by that I mean a week ago), new versions of Firefox were released “when they were ready” – that is, when all the features they wanted to put in were in it. That’s called feature-based releases, and most developers use that strategy. But there’s another release strategy that focuses on releasi [...]

The quest for a decent home page

The quest for a decent home page
I’m not sure why home pages were even invented in the first place. I mean, sure, you need a page to open when you boot up your browser, but they just make things, well, awkward. Plus they’re not very useful: most of them just serve as a landing page; you don’t really use them except to read news about how kids can’t br [...]

Firefox 4 is out

Firefox 4 in action
It’s been about a year in coming (it was in beta for a full year), but Firefox 4 is finally out and can be downloaded at The open-source web browser’s latest version is a gigantic step forward from the 3.6 version (the old stable version from a year ago, which is pitifully outdated by now.) What’s changed Firef [...]


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