Set of terribly drawn cute cartoon animals

A cute pig that is poorly drawn and drawn by a child.
That's a Neel original. It's valued in the range of tens of cents.

tl;drdownload the set of terribly drawn cute cartoon animals
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Remember those awesomely drawn cute cartoon animals I posted about earlier? As it turns out, my poorly drawn cow was almost as popular as those cute and well-drawn animals. If you’re one of those people who liked to laugh at my poorly drawn cow, you’re in luck – there are plenty more where that came from, and they’re all right here.

Set of 40+ cute cartoon animals – hathix cartoon animals

To cut to the chase, download the 40+ cute cartoon animals set now, or download the cute cartoon animals individually.

cute cartoon cow - hathix cute animal set
An adorable cow from the hathix cartoon animal set…
A child's drawing of a cow.
…versus MY cow.

Let me be honest with you: I can’t draw. That’s my drawing on the right (yeah, I’m here all week.) Yeah, it’s pretty awesome…

HOLY COW look at that one on the left. That adorable cow is from the hathix cartoon animal set, a set of 43 cute cartoon animals that’s free to download.