Set of 40+ cute cartoon animals – hathix cartoon animals

To cut to the chase, download the 40+ cute cartoon animals set now, or download the cute cartoon animals individually.

cute cartoon cow - hathix cute animal set
An adorable cow from the hathix cartoon animal set…
A child's drawing of a cow.
…versus MY cow.

Let me be honest with you: I can’t draw. That’s my drawing on the right (yeah, I’m here all week.) Yeah, it’s pretty awesome…

HOLY COW look at that one on the left. That adorable cow is from the hathix cartoon animal set, a set of 43 cute cartoon animals that’s free to download.

Yup, seeing as I can’t draw, I decided to find some good drawings off the internet that I could use on, Cabra… yeah, I use them everywhere, and for good reason – they’re awesome.

And now… the cute cartoon animals

The complete collection of 43 adorable cute cartoon animals.
All 43 cute cartoon animals in the hathix cartoon animal set – click to enlarge

I scoured the internet (I’ve looked through at least 20 icon/clipart/cartoon directories) to find each and every animal drawn in this same cute style. At the end of my epic quest I found a total of 43 cute cartoon animals. Not a bad haul.

And being the generous fellow I am, I’m offering them to the world – free, and all in one convenient place. All you need to do is download the .zip file and unzip it (here’s a tutorial on how to unzip files), and poof – there are your 43 cute cartoon animals, all in .png form and all 250×250 or bigger.

Click the big button below to download the set of 40+ free cute cartoon animals:Free download button

UPDATE: you can now download the cute cartoon animals individually! Hooray!

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