Why it’s awesome being a developer

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Apparently, these are a bunch of computer programmers.


That’s what computer programmers are calling themselves nowadays. The profession (if you can even call it that) goes by a litany of none-too-glamorous names, such as developer, programmer, engineer, technician, and more stuff that doesn’t quite make you the most popular guy in the room. Hence, a lot of, er, programmers (for lack of a better word) go by ninja or such. Which I find slightly annoying – you’re writing code, not killing enemies of the emperor. But I digress.

How to get started with Java

A friendly guide on how to get the Java development kit, a good IDE, and a great book.

Java is a powerful but easy to use programming language (not to mention that it’s the language used in most computer programming courses.) Java is a great language and fairly easy once you get everything set up – but getting everything set up is difficult. That’s what this guide is for.