5 awesome Android apps to send you back to school

Don’t be Spongebob. Use technology to make your school year awesome.

Another school year, another series of 180 (give or take) slightly sleep-deprived, overly-stressed days. It might make you look a bit like that yellow sponge guy over there.

Hold on! I’m here to help.

All you need is this newfangled doohickey called a smartphone. Specifically, an Android smartphone (tablets work too, if you’re into that).

hathix.com’s second birthday & year in review

happy birthday cake elephant box cartoon
That’s one lucky elephant.

hathix.com is finishing up its 2nd year of existence. As has become tradition, I’m making a blog post highlighting everything I’ve done in the last year and taking a look at what’s in store for next year.

Check out last year’s recap – the first ever – and follow me into some stats and news from hathix.com’s sophomore year.

Why it’s awesome being a developer

Studiofibonacci free icon set of ninjas with weapons
Apparently, these are a bunch of computer programmers.


That’s what computer programmers are calling themselves nowadays. The profession (if you can even call it that) goes by a litany of none-too-glamorous names, such as developer, programmer, engineer, technician, and more stuff that doesn’t quite make you the most popular guy in the room. Hence, a lot of, er, programmers (for lack of a better word) go by ninja or such. Which I find slightly annoying – you’re writing code, not killing enemies of the emperor. But I digress.

Cabra wins the PA High School Computer Fair

A cute goat cartoon with big eyes
Bleat with confidence, kid.

Shameless advertisement: Download Cabra, the newly award-winning flashcard program!

Cabra, my surprisingly useful flashcard program, has a new feather in its cap. It’s now also an award-winning flashcard program. I’m not kid-ding (sorry about the goat pun.)

This March I shared Cabra at my regional computer fair (sponsored by the county’s Intermediate Unit) and was awarded a trip to the statewide computer fair.

Which brings me to yesterday, when I arrived in Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. Great campus (Dickinson is the 16th oldest college in the nation) and nice small town. It’s a smaller college but very well-regarded, and its facilities were great for the fair’s purpose.