DuckDuckGo – the best thing since Google

I was looking on my analytics page (tracking visitors to the site) and noticed someone came to hathix through DuckDuckGo. Being bored, I looked up DuckDuckGo and I was impressed automatically. It’s a great search engine. Here’s why.

Zero-click info

DuckDuckGo’s got this great feature that lets you see some quick background info on a subject when you search it. If I want to know who Nelson Mandela is without having to read a lengthy article about apartheid, South Africa, and that sort of stuff, I can just DDG it and look what I get:

7-Zip: a free way to unzip files

My parents just downloaded a zipped file from the internet (not sure what it was, I think an installer or something.) But that’s beside the point, the important thing is that they needed to unzip it so that they could access the files inside. They downloaded WinZip, which lets you unzip files.

All’s good, right? Only problem is that it costs a lot. $30, in fact. That doesn’t seem like much, but the general rule of thumb with software is:

If you pulled out your credit card to download something, you probably did pay too much.