Introducing Sprinkle Safari, a web adventure game

Elephant with donut icon png
The logo for Sprinkle Safari, the awesome web game finally released to the public.

I’ve got a dirty little secret. Well, not so dirty, really, more… creamy. Sugary. Frosty. Sprinkle-y.

Here it is: for the last year and more(computer searching reveals since January 29, 2011 – even before was founded), I’ve been working nonstop on a “little” web-based adventure game. And it’s never been formally released to the public – until now.

Here’s a look at the making of the game. It’s taken 16 months and over 100 hours of development.

MLA template for Microsoft Word 2010

A screenshot of Word 2010 in MLA format.
Click this to download your free MLA Template for Word 2010

tl;dr – a free MLA format template for Word 2010A freely-downloadable "Download" button.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve had more teachers than I’d can count who graded papers solely on how well you followed the proper format and not, you know, on that fluff they call ‘content.’

If you’re a student, chances are pretty good you have to write many, many papers – all in MLA format, a common format for papers, essays, and such. The MLA format was designed, I’d imagine, to regulate the look of all papers and to drive students crazy. There are tons of random rules and guidelines you have to know, such as:

Set of terribly drawn cute cartoon animals

A cute pig that is poorly drawn and drawn by a child.
That's a Neel original. It's valued in the range of tens of cents.

tl;drdownload the set of terribly drawn cute cartoon animals
A freely-downloadable download button.

Remember those awesomely drawn cute cartoon animals I posted about earlier? As it turns out, my poorly drawn cow was almost as popular as those cute and well-drawn animals. If you’re one of those people who liked to laugh at my poorly drawn cow, you’re in luck – there are plenty more where that came from, and they’re all right here.

More cute cartoon animals, available for download

In my earlier post introducing my cartoon animal set, I gave you the link to download the .zip file with all the animals in it. But today I’m feeling nice and putting them all right here for you to download and use directly.

And now, without further ado, here are all 43 animals in the hathix cute cartoon animal set. They are all clipart cartoons, 300×300 pixels, in .png form, and, of course, very cute. Click on a thumbnail to see the full-sized image, and right-click and choose “Save Image As” to download the image. If you really like the animals, download the entire set.

Set of 40+ cute cartoon animals – hathix cartoon animals

To cut to the chase, download the 40+ cute cartoon animals set now, or download the cute cartoon animals individually.

cute cartoon cow - hathix cute animal set
An adorable cow from the hathix cartoon animal set…
A child's drawing of a cow.
…versus MY cow.

Let me be honest with you: I can’t draw. That’s my drawing on the right (yeah, I’m here all week.) Yeah, it’s pretty awesome…

HOLY COW look at that one on the left. That adorable cow is from the hathix cartoon animal set, a set of 43 cute cartoon animals that’s free to download.