Tutorial: starting a blog with WordPress, part 2

Wait! Before you read this, read part 1.

Now that you’ve gotten your blog all set up, we can start getting familiar with it.

If you’ve forgotten, I’m writing a sample blog as we go along so you can follow along with this guide.

Your Dashboard

Your Dashboard is where you can administrate your blog by writing new posts, moderating comments, and more. This is where it all goes down, and obviously no visitors are allowed in. To visit your dashboard, go to <your blog url.wordpress.com>/wp-admin and sign in using the password and username you signed up with.

Tutorial: starting a blog with WordPress, part 1

Maybe you’re a rabid sports fan with lots to say about your favorite baseball team. Maybe you’re traveling the country and want to keep a journal about your travels. Or maybe you’re just some windbag who likes ranting about technology.

Whatever your hobby or interest, starting a blog is a fun and rewarding experience. And don’t worry – you don’t have to be a tech guru either. As long as you can browse the internet, use a word processor, and think of interesting things to say (harder than it sounds), you can blog.