Cabra wins the PA High School Computer Fair

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Shameless advertisement: Download Cabra, the newly award-winning flashcard program!

Cabra, my surprisingly useful flashcard program, has a new feather in its cap. It’s now also an award-winning flashcard program. I’m not kid-ding (sorry about the goat pun.)

This March I shared Cabra at my regional computer fair (sponsored by the county’s Intermediate Unit) and was awarded a trip to the statewide computer fair.

Which brings me to yesterday, when I arrived in Dickinson College in Carlisle, PA. Great campus (Dickinson is the 16th oldest college in the nation) and nice small town. It’s a smaller college but very well-regarded, and its facilities were great for the fair’s purpose.

The fair showcased roughly the top 100 projects out of 1200 contestants across the state. Of these 100, there were 6 categories, one being Programming (in which you needed to create educational software – right up Cabra’s alley). There were 18 Programming finalists at Dickinson.

Neel Mehta's Cabra Flashcard Program Wins at PA Computer Fair
Me at the fair. So many thanks to Cabra’s awesome user base! :)

After two rounds of judging, a fascinating workshop on computer forensics, and an excellent lunch came time for the awards in
Dickinson’s auditorium. And I’m pleased to report that Cabra took first in Programming among the hundreds of Programming contestants from the state and 18 at Dickinson. I’ve worked hard on Cabra, and I must say I’ve had a lot of fun programming it. So it being honored like this was a great event not only for me but for everyone who uses and loves Cabra.

This was such a great experience; I’d like to thank the following:

  • Dickinson College for hosting the fair and providing excellent facilities. Really enjoyed the event.
  • The PA Association of Intermediate Units for hosting the event.
  • My parents for being extremely supportive of everything I did and will do.
  • The thousands of people who use Cabra each day. You guys have been great – sending bug reports, feature requests, and personal emails. It’s been a pleasure working with you guys! More awesomeness to come :)

In short, the PA Computer Fair was an extremely fun experience – and pretty successful, too.

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