Firefox 4 in action

Firefox 4 is out

It’s been about a year in coming (it was in beta for a full year), but Firefox 4 is finally out and can be downloaded at The open-source web browser’s latest version is a gigantic step forward from the 3.6 version (the old stable version from a year ago, which is pitifully outdated by now.)

What’s changed

  • Firefox 4 is about 3 times faster in page loading and JavaScript performance than 3.6. This means your favorite web apps and websites are – get ready for this – 3 times faster than before.
  • A brand-new interface:
    • The old toolbar is gone; all the commands has are now in handy-dandy menu in the top left.
    • Tabs are on top of the URL bar.
    • The whole top of the browser takes up a lot less room (40%, maybe?) than 3.6.
  • Panorama – this lets you group your tabs in, well, groups, to keep yourself organized and sane when you have a ton of tabs open.
  • Much better support for the newest web programming languages, HTML5 and CSS3.

How to get it

You can download the installer Firefox from Run the installer and before you know it you’ll have Firefox 4 installed.

Existing Firefox users: just download the installer and run it as normal. All your browsing history/settings/addons will be imported so you can continue your browsing as normal – except with the shiny new Firefox.

Firefox 4 in action
Firefox 4 displaying



Should I get it?

OK, I must admit I’m a little biased, but Firefox 4 is a great step forward from the old Firefox versions. If you already use Firefox you’ll be glad to see this awesome new version. If you’re not a Firefox user, you should try out this latest version; you never know if you’ll like it.

Well, that’s all I’ve got for today. Enjoy.

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