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I was bored (and my calculator was out of batteries), so I figured I’d take a crack at developing a web-based calculator. (You can find it at Basically, you can enter some commands (variable declarations or function calls) and the calculator will use JavaScript power to find the answer.

The neatest thing about the calculator is that it has some built-in functions (anything from finding a number’s square root to finding the LCM of two numbers to finding the solutions to a quadratic equation.)

Here are some commands you can enter into the calculator and what they do:

Command – what it does

  • cheese = 42 – creates a variable called cheese with the value 42.
  • 5 + cheese – shows 47 (although cheese is still 42.)
  • sqrt(cheese+7) – finds the square root of 49, which is 7.
  • gcd(32,40) – finds the greatest common denominator of the numbers (in this case, 8.)
  • quadratic(1,6,8) – finds the roots of the quadratic equation x2 + 6x + 8 = 0 (they’re -2 and -4.)
  • google(“uzbekistan”) – it’s not math-related, but it does a Google search on Uzbekistan.

I’m still adding more functions/libraries to the calculator, so if you want to help let me know.

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