A whole new look

Well, the host switch went nearly seamlessly (so seamlessly, in fact, that I have no idea if the switch actually happened.) As promised, here’s something big for you.

If you’ve ever viewed the hathix.com home page, you’ll notice how horrible it looks. Or used to look.

The old hathix.com
hathix.com circa April 2011

Not very pretty, right? Well, it wasn’t supposed to be. I just threw together some code to make the site work; the look wasn’t at all important.

Well I soon realized that a) this horribly ugly look was probably hurting the site and b) I had some spare time on my hands. So I wrote some new code for the site and here’s what I got:

The new hathix.com
hathix.com circa June 2011

(Note: I know it’s hackwork to praise your own work, but this is pretty awesome.) Don’t you just want to lick it? This new theme is called Dewdrop, and it features some slick backgrounds, gradients, and transparency. Removing the text and adding a bunch of images probably helped too.

It’s not done, though; it needs a little more polish. But once that’s done there will be even more awesomeness: a theme switcher, letting you use one of several themes based on whatever you happen to like.

That’s all for now. Have fun.

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