As usual, I got bored so I wrote a game in JavaScript. It’s a role-playing game called Labyrinth (you can find it here) which follows a guy who gets lost in a cave. You have to collect sticks to destroy barrels, planks to cross water, keys for colored doors, and more.

Here’s what Labyrinth looks like:

Playing Level 10 of Labyrinth
Playing Level 10 of Labyrinth

I know it’s horribly drawn, but I drew everything myself. I’m such a bad artist that it’s a miracle that the key even looked like a key. And that glowing yellow/orange/red thing is a lantern.

There are 5 tutorial levels (each one introduces something new) and 10 main levels. In each level you can keep track of how long it takes you to get the golden key and reach the final door. (There’s also a buried treasure in each level; you’ll have to find it by going into hidden passageways.)

Here are my best (lowest) move totals so far. I stink at this game so see if you can beat them…

  • Tutorial 1: 45
  • Tutorial 2: 42
  • Tutorial 3: 65

I haven’t even finished playing it yet.

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