Introducing Sprinkle Safari, a web adventure game

Elephant with donut icon png
The logo for Sprinkle Safari, the awesome web game finally released to the public.

I’ve got a dirty little secret. Well, not so dirty, really, more… creamy. Sugary. Frosty. Sprinkle-y.

Here it is: for the last year and more(computer searching reveals since January 29, 2011 – even before was founded), I’ve been working nonstop on a “little” web-based adventure game. And it’s never been formally released to the public – until now.

Here’s a look at the making of the game. It’s taken 16 months and over 100 hours of development.

Can’t get enough Angry Birds? Play it online

Playing Angry Birds 1-1
A red bird crashing into a structure, killing a pig in the process

If your phone’s battery keeps dying on you because you spend all your time playing the wildly popular mobile game Angry Birds (or if you’re too cheap to buy Angry Birds), you should be pretty excited about this latest development.

You can now play Angry Birds online here. Here’s what you need:

  1. A decent browser (more on that later)
  2. Adobe Flash (sorry, iDevice users)

As the URL ( might hint, Angry Birds works best in Chrome. I’ve tried it on several browsers and here’s what I’ve found:


As usual, I got bored so I wrote a game in JavaScript. It’s a role-playing game called Labyrinth (you can find it here) which follows a guy who gets lost in a cave. You have to collect sticks to destroy barrels, planks to cross water, keys for colored doors, and more.

Here’s what Labyrinth looks like:

Playing Level 10 of Labyrinth
Playing Level 10 of Labyrinth

I know it’s horribly drawn, but I drew everything myself. I’m such a bad artist that it’s a miracle that the key even looked like a key. And that glowing yellow/orange/red thing is a lantern.